SDN: Evolution in the horizon by Mr.Ken Maina of Dimension Data

Software Defined Networking (SDN) is among the hottest networking topics today and this technology promises to transform flexibility and cost profiles of IP networks together with the careers of the people within it.

Networks for a long time have required manual configuration and changes for expression of traffic policies. Most network functionalities as we know and use are implemented in a dedicated appliance that run the control, data and management planes. Key characteristics of this model is vendor lock-in to proprietary hardware, slow innovation of network functionalities, poor scaling and heavy provisioning and management overhead. SDN offers a departure from the old ways to whole new world of possibilities.

SDN offers decoupling of the control from the data plane that will centralize and simplify control of the network, make networks programmable and more agile, and create opportunities for policy-driven supervision and more automation.

Topics of discussion during the show:

· An introduction to SDN and its architecture
· What this technological shift means to engineers and end customers
· Key industry market players and use cases


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