New Threats, New Tactics. Don’t be in the Dark, by Willys Wendoh and David Kaimenyi

The dark underworld of data security is constantly evolving. Once considered the realm of hotshot hackers and loners, today’s security threat is more likely to come from a mature, well-organized cybercrime underground. You can’t see these threats, but you don’t have to stay in the dark.
This webinar reviews Juniper Data Center Solutions, like WebApp Secure, Firefly Host, Firefly Perimeter. Know how you can track, trap and learn about attackers as they attempt to enter restricted areas. Control their movements and upload info about them to a global database—destroying their ability to launch further attacks.
On Thursday 11 September 2014, join Willys Wendoh and David Kaimenyi of Westcon africa as they expound and encourage a radical shift in how we think and approach security threats in the current enterprise networks deployments.


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