Network Engineers With A New Set Of Tools

In the recent past we have always mailed you on technical events, webinars or even just a small talk conversation on tech related topics.
Because we are not always about work. we want to have something more outgoing.We would like to know each other beyond the work environment. We in fact would like to interact not only as professionals but as friends. We have decided to invite you to a different kind of meet up. The tools required will automatically dictate the skill desired.
We invite you for a koroga on the 26th of April 2014, to come make use of  :
  • A sufuria (Cooking pot)
  • kijiko (Spoon) and
  • viungo vya kupika (African spices)
Let us share our diversity in culture, tribe, food and music .
We hope to see you there.!!!!
The koroga will be at Azalea ­Caribea Bar and Restaurant. We believe that this is a secure and neutral location. Directions are in the attached document: Yaya Centre to Azalea-Caribea Bar and Restaurant
Kindly RSVP on EventBrite here:

Note: All tools will be provided on site.

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