Latency: The Silent Killer

Physical latency is one of the least understood but
important properties of modern network infrastructure.  This
webinar will attempt to define latency, characterise it at all
major points in the end-to-end network and provide techniques
operators can use to mitigate latency in modern systems towards
the goal of providing a better QoS for end-users.  It provides a
broad general overview of conceptual arguments useful for
minimising latency with reference to specific implementations
where necessary.  The goal of the webinar is to get EANOG members
to start thinking about optimising latency as we move to a world
of local content.
Please join:

Dr.Ripduman Sohan, Director of Research, Angani Ltd.

On Thursday March 27th 2014 at 1500HRS (GMT +3) to gain more insight.

This virtual training will be on webex (see details below) and was initially targeted at the East African Network Operators Group (EANOG). Please forward the links to friends partners and anyone that might be interested. We expect a varied audience so it will be a great interaction.

To join the training session 


To join the training session on Thursday March 27, 2014  ,use the following credentials :

Session number: 206 669 186

1. Go to 
2. Enter your name and email address. 

3. Enter the session password: eanog 

4. Click “Join Now”. 

5. Follow the instructions that appear on your screen. 

Slides for this presentation are available here : Network latency: The silent killer

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